Blackouts (14)

Blackouts (14)


The shouts of school kids in the background awoke Allison from her light slumber. She turned around to find a couple of boys dressed in cream and brown uniforms, posing excitedly for a picture. The smiles on their faces was magical. For a moment, Allison wished she could go back in time.

She rose from the spot she’d been lying and offered the group some money to get candy. They jumped excitedly, hugging and thanking her- It was an overwhelming feeling.

The boys departed to get their treat leaving Allison wondering where Richard was. After all, it was his idea to spend the day at the beach after their nerve wrecking interview with the detectives the previous day.

Richard Blake had left while Allison was sleeping, to answer a call from his secretary. She knew he wasn’t taking any new cases so it had to be an urgent business. Turns out, a woman named Anna had called needing to speak to Richard. All she said was that it was about his daughter, Allison Blake

This post is in response to Flash fiction for Aspiring writers photo prompt challenge. The beautiful picture of the jolly boys above was lent to us by Ellespeth (Thank You). You can find the previous blackouts series HERE . Thanks for Reading. Word Count: 175.

22 thoughts on “Blackouts (14)

  1. Anna is going to help Allison! (I went back and read #13 lol). I’m amazing how you can keep this going from week to week. That takes skill! If it were me, I would have to constantly be re-reading mine so I could remember where I left off. Haha!

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    1. Hahaha, for the next episode, i kept on writing Allison where I was supposed to write Anna :D. Should have kept the names more different. Hahahaa, i think i need to make it come true about loose screw Allison. πŸ˜„


      1. That would be nice, a reader’s dream coming true, hehe. That is the thing about names with same letters or same sounding names, you tend to get mix, which requires reread, which is not bad.


  2. I heard the background mystery music as I read your last line πŸ™‚ Great job! Richard is back and I still not sure what to think about him. Is he doing more than just talking on the phone???

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      1. “MAYBE Richard wants to get to Anna first??” Haha, you are bad, for you KNOW if that’s the what he is doing while you are leaving all us curious readers guess! πŸ™‚ GUESS I will just keep coming up with theories and see if they are true πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  3. My dear Ameena, you probably know by now that I like to stop by occasionally and express my appreciation to those who participate regularly to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge. I appreciate your continued participation. I look forward to your stories each week and I know the others do as well. Thank you Ameena for your continued friendship and loyalty!

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  4. My first entry into the Richard-Anna-Allison story. I will read backwards. The story is a stand-alone ’til references to early tales come through.
    I really enjoyed it, without knowing it’s past!

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