Heavens are crying-

Heavens are crying-


The skies erupt,
The heavens are crying;
Oh but tears of Joy-
It’s a wonderful day.

The earth’s agog,
They’re dampened with moisture;
The drought is gone-
It’s a wonderful day.

The flowers, dancing
Swaying to the rhythm;
As tears are falling,
From the Sky, making music;
A divine beauty,
As the flowers are blooming;
A blessing given-
It’s a wonderful day.

The skies erupt,
In splashes making rhythm;
As the tears, they fall-
It’s a wonderful day.


9 thoughts on “Heavens are crying-

  1. It is a wonderful day indeed, and reading a poem like that soon after I wake up makes it more so. It seems to be generally so much easier to write “lost love” or otherwise sad lines but (at least to me) this one just positively bounces around the page with happiness, celebrations and appreciation. Loved it. πŸ™‚

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    1. After a lot of sweating and suffering from heat, the rain showed it’s face. Though it came with full force, it filled me with such happiness and Joy that I couldn’t help but write this. I am glad the feeling emerged in my writing, and I love that you love it, πŸ™‚

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