Writer’s Quote: Dr.Seuss

Writer’s Quote: Dr.Seuss


How many a time have we wondered, pondered, got frustrated over the fact that the deadline is here and we’re so behind. I for one am guilty of the crime. We keep on proclaiming “time is running” but in reality, time is actually walking at a medium pace. It is “we” who fail to realise all the things we can achieve in the enormous time we have until the alarm starts ringing that deadline has arrived. Of course, by then we’d automatically feel time has passed us by and blame poor time.

I pray we get the zeal and urge to face up to time, avoid the blame game of “time Is running” and use the minutes we have wisely. May the inks of our writing inspiration live on and may we defeat fiercely the urge to leave things undone until the last dying minute. May it never get too late too soon.

This post is in response to the blogging event Writer’s Quote Wednesay hosted by Silver Threading. Thanks for hanging here this week. Till next time πŸ™‚

17 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote: Dr.Seuss

  1. This is the cutest quote I have seen in a while. Of course, it being Dr. Seuss and the rhyming makes it so charming. I like the truth in the quote though. Where does the time go? Thanks so much for sharing this one. It is a real keeper! ❀


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