Life is…

Life is…


Life is a battleground;
A roller coaster-
With mostly downs.
Life is a struggle-
You fight, you lose;
You battle with issues-
A secret war.
Life is a mystery,
In little steps, taken-
The puzzle fits.
It takes patience,
A thick skin-
To surf through the waves
Life keeps bringing.

Life is pretty,
It’s beautiful-
In the rays of the sun,
In the mountain view;
In the dew after rain,
And the morning haze;
In the force of the moon,
And the ocean’s waves;
In the dance of the leaves,
And the chirping birds-
Is the power to heal,
After life’s heartaches.


21 thoughts on “Life is…

  1. You are very good! The only perspective that I would like to add is that battles must be chosen i.e. Select the battles that you can win, and avoid the ones that you cannot win! A popular saying here is simply “Choose your battles”. πŸ™‚


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