Of all the lights-

Of all the lights-


All the light,
She may not see;
The cries at night,
From her baby’s lips;
Too weak to help-
She breaks within.

Six months of chemo,
To save her skin;
Her lymphos attacking-
The Rbcs’;
It’s you against you-
A battle steep.

Hope is as long as,
the heart- beats.
Survive for her daughter-
She strives to win;
Leukemia or not,
Fight it out- she will.
The end maybe near-
It’s not gotten yet-
The light at the end-
She’s determined, she’ll see.

I dedicate this to a warrior I know. I love you and you’ll get through this. This is just a journey, not the end. I also dedicate this to every single person who has battled or is battling. I leave you with this message-Β 


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