Blackouts: Anna’s story

Blackouts: Anna’s story


Anna was a blonde doll-like figure of a lady. Small in statue and dainty in appearance, two of her many traits which fooled onlookers. Beneath all the frills and fuss, was someone who had spent the past ten years living and making it on her own. She was an event planner and the proud owner of a beautiful wooden tent located in heart of fairville grounds.

Her life was going smoothly until she met Harry- an eccentric IT guy. Their meeting, she thought was by chance and after a whirlwind romance, I do’s were exchanged in the heart of fairville.Β 

Anna soon found herself entangled in the web of a prolific stalker and psychopath with a nudge for violence, and a blinding charm. Harrison crumbled Anna’s world and left her, the shell of her old self. After years of therapy, Anna decided it was about time she faced her predator. Despite knowing well enough that psychos don’t change overnight, she took the chance and paid Harrison a visit. That was when she saw it.

word count: 174. This is my response to the flash fiction for aspiring writers photo prompt challenge where a picture is given for a story to be written. This is also a continuation of my flash fiction series “Blackouts”. I recommend re-reading part6 and part9 and part10 in order to better understand how Harrison and Anna fit into Allison and Richard Blake’s world.

24 thoughts on “Blackouts: Anna’s story

  1. Good continuation of the story. I had to go back and re-read the whole thing in order though, as I realised I’d missed a couple of parts over the weeks! I wonder what she saw that could be so damaging she had to be silenced…


  2. OH it adds to the suspense bringing Anna and Harrison into the story! I had to go back and re-read for at first I was confused πŸ™‚ The suspense is building and my mind is going crazy with my thoughts, LOL! Keep up the great work!

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    1. Hahaha, I was hoping it wasn’t going to gets it confusing. I sort of liked the “Anna character” so, I decided to delve into her abit. Remember, Allison saw on the newsghayshe got drowned, so now we’re taking a flashback to see who was Allison and find outshone she died


  3. Excellent story, Ameena, with that great cliff hanger at the end. I hope her visit to the stalker and psychopath who shattered her life doesn’t turn out badly. Very well written. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you very much Millie, I appreciate it. Unfortunately,I don’t think it turned out too good. In the previous, Anna was found drowned. So now, we’re trying to see what led to it.


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