Writer’s Quote- Mary Lou Retton

Writer’s Quote- Mary Lou Retton


Mary Lou Retton has spoken the words many of us need to hear. It’s not good enough for us to sit back and give in to the fate of nature, claiming, “I just am not good enough” or “I have no talent” or even “this is not just for me”. Any of these sound familiar? The answer is with this quote said by Mary Lou- each of us has a fire in our hearts for something, it’s our goal in life to find it. I’m going to stop and emphasize on this last phrase. She didn’t say our goal is going to come in search of us, knocking on doors till it finds us; No, that is our job. We are the ones to go knocking until we find it, which we will; and when that happens, keeping the flame in our hearts will be an easy task.

Mary Lou is neither a writer nor poet, but a retired American gymnast whose achievements include several gold, silver and bronze medals in various international competition including the Olympics. She has had her fair share of struggles in life which include- arthritis, hemorrhoid and a congenital hip dysphasia which got worse with continued gymnastic performances. But she didn’t give up and pushed through despite it all.

I chose this for writer’s quote Wednesday because sometimes, as writers, frustration tends to creep it’s way into our lives and we could do a little reminder of that fire in our hearts- the reason for which we shouldn’t give up. Writing is not an easy journey and incase you may have slipped off, I would like to remind you today- there is a flame within, a beautiful budding flame with no intention of ever burning out. Take hold of the lamp and let the light reflect in your writings.Β 

This post is In response to Writer’s Quote Wednesday.

20 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote- Mary Lou Retton

  1. I agree with Nicole. Those words are so true and, having watched gymnastics for many years, have always admired the tenacity of Mary-Lou R.
    I have read a number of Posts in different Blogs in which the writer is clearly going through challenging times and have adopted a “I’ll wait for God to show me a way out” mind set. While I fully support the belief that a higher power exists (I too call it God), I do not see that “waiting for God to do something” is a realistic expectation. God has given us the freedom to make choices, and also a brain with which to analyze our options wisely.
    Similar to Mary-Lou’s circumstances, it is important that, when faced with adversity, we make the decision to continue on our journey through life………. and give it 110% effort. We can then look back at ourselves with pride and a sense of achievement.

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    1. Wow, I actually am not and ardent fan of gymnastics πŸ˜‰ but I do admire those whoso it like Mary. Exactly what you said,we can’t keep sitting around and waiting. Our job is to find to find the inspiration not wait for it to come. Thank you very much for your comment.

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  2. “There is a flame within, a beautiful budding flame with no intention of ever burning out.” It happened to me more than once, to stop writing, either it was on moments where I thought I wasn’t and would never be a good writer or simply because I was busy or wasn’t able to find inspiration forgetting that I was the one who had to chase it, in the first place. But the truth is that it only happened for short periods of time, since I always end up coming back to writing. I suppose I have a big flame inside, which hopefully will keep growing in time πŸ™‚ Great choice of quote! Lovely post! πŸ™‚


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