Flash Fiction: Blackouts (11)

Flash Fiction: Blackouts (11)


                  “Detective Dave called”
                   “What did he want?”
                “To let you know that he’s got this eyes on you, just incase you decide to do something drastic.”

Richard expected an outburst from Allison but all he got was a barely audible “oh”. Allison had worked herself day and night trying to find a way to get out of the fix she was In.

She had interviewed every person on duty, the week the artifact was stolen. She had contacted hackers to trace down the origin of the alleged payment money. The best answer she got- the person who did the job was a genius; the slight awe in their voices when they said it, did little to numb her pain.

She sat, trying to process the latest shock when a memory surfaced. A while ago, she was at the park feeding the ducks when she noticed someone staring at her. What struck her was his eyes. She remembered noting “he had the coldest eyes”, and for a brief moment, Richard Blake was the least of her worries.

Word count: 170-ish ( I forgot to note down after editing). In response to Flash fiction For Aspiring Writers photo prompt challenge. Hosted by priceless Joy who is also the owner of the wonderful pic lent to us for the challenge. This is also the 11th part of the Flash Fiction series Blackout. After this part, I think it’s safe to say Allison loves the outdoor and parks 😉

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