Picture perfect-

Picture perfect-


A phenomenon-
Of the twenty first century;
One of the many- innovations,
Cant wrap my head around it;
Picture perfect they say-
To certain things,
Of certain shape,
In the presence- of certain people;
A word-
Held to great esteem,
In the ears of the “perfect”;
And the rest- standing, fading
Grazed over, barely sighted
The “imperfect”-
Listening to pretty perfect
Proclaimed to others;
With none directed at them.

But oh the cliché-
“Picture perfect” they say;
If only the knew,
Is nothing but a vague word-
All letters, little meaning.

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10 thoughts on “Picture perfect-

  1. What is “perfect”? What is “imperfect”? Both are subjective standards against which we are measured. They can neither be quantified nor substantiated. They have no tangible origin, and can be inconsistent. They are however capable of impacting lives in a very serious manner.
    Our weakness is in accepting someone else’s concept of perfection, and then judging ourselves against it. Our strength is in knowing that “perfection” is little more than a marketing ploy to sell products and services, and rejecting the concept.
    Our strength is in knowing that our lives are not controlled by what others think. The end result of our life will be measured by who we were and what we did. It will not be measured by how close to “perfect” we were!

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    1. Exactly! Thank you very for this brief piece. And it is so true. I wish we’d always remember, its like you said- what’s imperfect to one, is perfect to another. 👌


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