Flash Fiction: Blackouts (10)

Flash Fiction: Blackouts (10)


The color drained from Allison’s face as she stared unblinking at the image fixated on the screen. “Woman found drowned”– the caption read. It wasn’t as much that a woman was found dead by a couple of teens gone fishing which unbalanced her; it was the “woman” who was found. The tumbler in Allison’s hand trembled, her heart beat an irregular rhythm.

Only yesterday, she caught a glimpse of “the woman” whose name now appeared to be Anna talking to Richard Blake at the lake and now, she was dead. Allison didn’t need any special calculator to fit two plus two. Her mind was racing at a million to one, what if?

The next sound Allison heard was the thud of a fallen object. She turned to find Richard towering over her- it was his suitcase. Unaware that Allison had sighted him and Anna together, he masked his expression, appearing unnerved upon seeing Anna’s death. Allison noticed the sudden shift in expression and fear enveloped her heart. Who really is Richard Blake?

In response to Flash fiction for aspiring writers photo prompt writing challenge. This is the 10th part of my flash fiction series “Blackouts”. I think it’s about time we end this right? 😉 hopefully,the next couple of pictures will help me wrap things up. Thanks for sticking with me all through.

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Do you think Richard Blake could go as far as to murder a person? If yes- for the motive of helping Allison or is she just a pawn in his game? And lastly- who is Anna? I’d love to hear your theories.