Flash Fiction: Blackouts (9)

Flash Fiction: Blackouts (9)


Hey Katy, how’s the other side… Hope grandma’s doing okay over there. The past week has been a downward spiral for me with a corkscrew pattern. I lost the one thing I loved, my job. An antique that was put under my care for a gallery we were hosting is missing; I’m the main suspect.

It’s funny how i’ve racked my brains a billion times to see what went wrong, I’m getting nothing. My account’s frozen and I’ve had to live off of Richard. *laughs nervously* I know it’s such a cliche but, thankfully that father of ours has got more money than he can chew.
            I wish you were still here… I miss you.

Allison threw the last of the pebbles into the water, then rose up and smarted the dust off her skirt. Katy had aways loved the water; Allison used it as a medium to clear her head when things got complex.
Far off from the lake was a sight which caught Allison’s eye.
                  Her eyes narrowed, “Who’s that with Richard?”

Word count: 173. This story is in response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring writers photo prompt challenge. This beautiful picture was taken by Dawn Miller, thank you very much. And I also apologize for not being able to participate last week.
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Can’t wait to see you next week. 🙂