T- Teardrops

T- Teardrops


All the emotions-
Bottled inside;
Waiting till there was-
No witness around;
They came down crashing-
an overwhelming tirade;
Only difference from a waterfall-
They made no sound.

And she let it go,
In the stillness of the night;
Her heart was roaring-
As the tear drops slipped down;
Burning her cheeks, soaking the sheet;
Curled up, the teardrops-
Were a relief.
This was a sign-
Her heart still had a beat,
Her heart still could feel.

19 thoughts on “T- Teardrops

  1. I liked this because not only are you expressing feelings that most people (if they are honest with themselves!) will relate to, but the last two lines show the proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel”! i.e. Today I may feel as if my personal side has been shredded in public, but tomorrow I will live with renewed enthusiasm. I will not give up – a great message. Looking forward to reading some of your other posts.

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    1. Thank you very much 😊 you’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head. I’m glad you like, and i hope I don’t disappoint. Thank you very much for thr taking the the to “really read” this. I appreciate it.

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  2. I never knew tears could be described in such a way…heart wrenching yet splendid…I loved the last two lines the best…shows are tears aren’t our weakness..but our strength…Well written Ameena !

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      1. Not showing tears (or not expressing similar emotions) is the weakness because it generally means that you are afraid of showing the “real you”. I am a great believer in celebrating who I am, and I am openly emotional. I have no problems with that and, if somebody else does, then that is their problem to deal with …. not mine! Showing emotions is psychologically very healthy – bonus!

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  3. I do agree with you, I feel the same way about people who do no to show emotions. To me, it shows “fear” rather than “strength”. For a long time, I thought “tears” denoted weakness, or rather, I was Led to think so. I am glad I know better now, πŸ™‚


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