H- Hang in there

H- Hang in there


Seconds, minutes, hours, gone;
There you lay- pale and numb;
I stare at the still-life that you’ve become.

Recalling our times, your smiles, our wars;
Said you were done, I believed your words;
Should have pushed on a little bit more.

“It’s an overdose”, the doctor said.
“The heart is intact, but the brain’s dead”
“There’s no more we can do- it’s the end”.

To hear you scream, just once more;
To save your life, I’ll give the world;
To take your place, I’d give even more.

Stay with me, let me in;
Defy all odds, break the shield;
Your hearts alive, that’s all I need.

They say it’s denial, I call it hope;
It’s not your time, I feel it in my bones;
Hang in there friend, I won’t let you go.

15 thoughts on “H- Hang in there

  1. Reblogged this on beyondtheflow and commented:
    So many of us know someone who has taken their own life and the tragedy it brings. This poem is so incredibly moving. Take care xx Rowena
    PS this is from the A-Z Challenge


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