F- Faith

F- Faith


Nobody knows,
With that I was wrong;
Cause He who created,
The soul from dust;
Knows exactly,
The pain that we bore;
Without reservations,
He knows it all.
So now here I say,
That somebody knows-
The pain that we carry;
He watches us all;
He knows that the sorrows,
Will make our faith strong;
That twisting and falling,
Plants our feet firm;
Crying and screaming,
Makes our eyes clear;
To see vividly,
The goodness on earth;

Nobody know-
That statement reflects,
Depair deeply rooted-
And we’re Β a long way from there.

Day eight NaPoWriMo’s challenge is to write a Palinode. It is a poem in which the poet retracts a statement or view expressed in an earlier poem.

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