E- Enough

E- Enough


The soul- it craves,
Always wanting more;
It’s needs, satiated-
It knows not enough.

This greed, grows bigger,
Watered by money lust;
It sprouts a garden,
Taking over decisions.

Money knows no boundaries,
It is up to us-
Direct the soul towards,
Learning enough.

Enough! enough!
plants of love erupt;
The weeds of greed-
Diminish the voice.

Once beautiful garden,
Is now filled with thorns;
A sad fate awaits one-
Who knows not enough.

14 thoughts on “E- Enough

  1. Reblogged this on Sykes Things and commented:
    Ameena; The name’s Ameena and I’m a medical student, a psychology enthusiast and a self appointed mental advocate… But mostly, I’m just a random 19 year old surfing her way through life with poetry and writings. A picky reader, obsessive thinker, school lover and a hearty laugher. Poetry is my Passion. Care to join me as I randomly surf through life?


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