D- Dickinson (Emily)

D- Dickinson (Emily)


                The Soul selects her own Society-
The soul selects,
Her own society;
Then shuts the door,
To her majority;

Unmoved, she notes
All the chariots pausing;
At her low gate,
Barely gives them notice.

Unmoved she finds,
An emperor kneeling
Upon her doormat;
She gives him no notice.

Unmoved, she chose one,
Then closed all valves-
Of her attention,
Turned stone to their cries.

The soul selects,
Her own society;
Chose solitude,
Over majority.

Napowrimo- Day 5: today’s prompt says Find an Emily Dickinson poem – preferably one you’ve never previously read – and take out all the dashes and line breaks. Make it just one big block of prose. Now, rebreak the lines. Add words where you want. Take out some words. Make your own poem out of it!
I chose to re-write “the soul selects her own society-“, one of her poems I haven’t read before. You can find the original poem HERE


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