Flash Fiction: Blackouts 4

Flash Fiction: Blackouts 4


Upon Richard Blake’s arrival to Willow’s Place, Allison wasted no time in relaying to him the events of her divorce, return of her blackouts and the poster left for her. Richard listened with utmost attention and when Allison was done speaking, he said, “let’s take a drive”.
“To where?” Allison questioned suspiciously.
“To the most colorful part of town”, Richard replied with a grin.

Allison turned her gaze to the houses lining the streets of Balmary as Richard drove through. She focused on the passers-by, all in an attempt to block out any unwanted conversations Richard, her father, might decide to spring up.

All was well until Allison cried out, “I don’t know what to make of all these”. “My head is in a wobble”. Richard brought the car to a halt and turned to his daughter.

     “Am I- am I going nuts again“, Allison asked, tears welled up in her eyes.

“No, baby girl”, Richard replied reassuringly, then added in a rather grim tone, “I believe someone is trying to make it look that way”.

Word count: 176. This story is in response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring writers photo prompt challenge. I exceed the allowed word count by (1 word) 😀 will try harder next time. This is also the fourth part on the series “Blackouts”: part 1, part2, part 3.

           Do you think Richard is genuinely trying to help his daughter, or is he just blowing smoke?