Beauty in “10”

Beauty in “10”


        I was set a task by a wonderful fellow blogger, Prakash, to write ten sentences on “Beauty” and each consisting of six words. The moment I saw the task, I loved it because it is a beautiful gesture. It is about time for us to spread the word about what we sincerely believe beauty is (or isn’t). I was inspired by Prakash’s own ten sentences which was really beautiful, and here is mine. 

Beauty’s the smile a child makes.
            Beauty’s the sun as it awakens.
Beauty’s kindness written on a face.
            Beauty’s the ocean making it’s waves.
Beauty is nature, beauty’s all about.

Beauty isn’t measured by a scale.
             Beauty hasn’t class, make or race.
Beauty isn’t fixed to status quo.
             Beauty is in every living soul.
            And sometimes…
Beauty is just a beautiful word.

And now, to share my favorite quote on beauty. To be honest, I don’t know a lot of beauty quotes and so I had to google it. But here is the quote I most connected with:

” Pretty can turn heads, but Beauty? Beauty can change the world.
Pretty is what you are, but beauty is what you do with it.
Pretty can lift spirits, beauty makes them soar.”

So here it is, TASK: write ten sentences on “Beauty” and each sentence is to have “six words” one of which must be “beauty” and end the post with a favorite quote on “beauty“. Also to nominate your friends to participate and spread the “virus“. As a medical student, the word “virus” is akin to “worry” but this challenge is one virus that is pleasing to me :). This time I nominate, every single one of my followers, spread the virus of what beauty REALLY means.

Here are some awesome replies to the challenge:
Prakash Hegade
Priceless Joy
Feeling Soulmate

17 thoughts on “Beauty in “10”

  1. OH this is AWESOME!! Love your sentences and quotes! Yes, I have to do this! Thanks for passing on this “virus” 🙂 A truth that needs spread, its what I try to tell my girls so often, in spite of what our culture with magazines and models,etc. try to say!!!

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