Flash Fiction: Blackouts 3

Flash Fiction: Blackouts 3


Professor Richard Blake, former top-gun defense attorney lived alone in a collosal yet hideous mansion. It had all the makings of a haunted house except that a living soul resided in it. After a messy divorce and lost custody battle of his two daughters, which left a bad mark on his resume, Richard Blake resorted to private law practice in the privacy of his mansion.

Everyone in the county knew the only two things Richard Blake gave a damn about were his daughters, Allison and Katy. The latter who had now passed away.

The sound of a telephone ringing broke the graveyard silence that seemed to always loom in the atmosphere. Richard picked up the receiver.
                        “Hello… I- need help”, the caller muttered.
Hearing such blunt words and the worrisome tone of his estranged daughter Allison, Richard felt a stab in his chest.

Word count: 159 words. This post in response to the weekly photo prompt writing challenge hosted by Flash fiction for aspiring writers. This is also a third in the series “blackout”. First time visiting, no worries; here are the links- Blackouts 1 and blackouts 2
             What do you think about the new character Richard Blake?

43 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Blackouts 3

  1. OH my what dreams I can take to bed now with me ! I like Richard Blake, he seems like a very caring Father and so why is his daughter estranged from him?? Lies from his wife? Apparently she still cares about him or why would she be calling. Keep up the great work,I only wish the pieces could be longer, LOL!

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    1. Hopefully not creepy dreams 😉. Hmmm, now i have to think of who’s more at fault Richard or Allison’s mother. They are estranged because it was a messy divorce and Allison’s mother won the custody battle. Hahaha, i wish so too but I don’t think i’ll be able to keep up with long pieces. 😁

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  2. Richard Blake seems to have many similarities with his house: He’s a colossal ex-attorney, hideous (to some people, including his ex-wife and possibly Allison), mysterious, and damaged, yet he’s still alive and waiting. The call has finally come.

    It’s interesting that Allison called her estranged, ex-attorney father instead of a doctor. She must think she’s in danger from outside forces.

    I’m anxiously waiting for the next installment!


  3. I really like the name Richard Blake, it fits him perfectly. I got a real sense of the silence and depression inside the mansion, but wondered, how did he know who was calling?

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    1. I think i had a harder time figuring the right name than I did the story, i’m glad you think the name is a good fit 😊.
      Hmmmm, now that’s a myster waiting to be unraveled, the call i mean 😀


    1. Hmmm perhaps, :D. Haha Thank you for your interest in the story. I haven’t gotten further yet, will have to wait for next week’s photo and see how I can fit the story into it.


  4. Richard Blake looks like a negative character to me too! But maybe ’cause we don’t know much about him as of now. Looking forward to read how this story develops further…
    Also Allison is divorced and her parents were divorced too…poor soul! Do we get to see Allison’s ex-husband in the next series? 🙂

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  5. Poor guy has no luck. Divorced, one daughter deceased and now the second one in trouble. Plus he lives in a hideous mansion. I guess mansions aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. I think I’d still want to know more about Richard, I don’t have an opinion of him.

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    1. Thank you Pj, i hope so too 😊
      And everytime i write a comment on your posts and press the send button, i get this message “sorry, that comment cannot be posted”. I don’t know if any of your followers are experiencing such too.


      1. I think WP is upset with me over a post I wrote. Hopefully, they will straighten things out. I will let them know about this problem too. (No wonder people are dropping WordPress like flys).


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