Flash Fiction: Blackouts 3

Flash Fiction: Blackouts 3


Professor Richard Blake, former top-gun defense attorney lived alone in a collosal yet hideous mansion. It had all the makings of a haunted house except that a living soul resided in it. After a messy divorce and lost custody battle of his two daughters, which left a bad mark on his resume, Richard Blake resorted to private law practice in the privacy of his mansion.

Everyone in the county knew the only two things Richard Blake gave a damn about were his daughters, Allison and Katy. The latter who had now passed away.

The sound of a telephone ringing broke the graveyard silence that seemed to always loom in the atmosphere. Richard picked up the receiver.
                        “Hello… I- need help”, the caller muttered.
Hearing such blunt words and the worrisome tone of his estranged daughter Allison, Richard felt a stab in his chest.

Word count: 159 words. This post in response to the weekly photo prompt writing challenge hosted by Flash fiction for aspiring writers. This is also a third in the series “blackout”. First time visiting, no worries; here are the links- Blackouts 1 and blackouts 2
             What do you think about the new character Richard Blake?