Flash Fiction: Blackouts 2

Flash Fiction: Blackouts 2


Allison had barely recovered from her blackout she when she noticed a poster rolled at the side table. The picture that stared at her as she opened it sent shivers down her spine. In an act of reflex, she shredded the paper violently into pieces; clasping her fingers on her throbbing head, she screamed “No, no, no”.

To an outsider, the picture would have been a picturesque location of a beautiful waterfront. Decked with colorful boats, a background of tall skyscraper buildings and slow waves on which the rays of the sun gleamed. But Allison knew better. That picture held the location of an incident she struggled to erase from her memory. That was where her sister’s cold body was found from an apparent suicide drowning.

How the picture got to Willow’s Place, Allison had no idea. She had rented the house all to herself for the time being. Before her emotions could take a turn for the worse, Allison picked up the phone with trembling hands and dialed a number.
                    “Hello, I need help!”

Word count: 175. This post is in response to Flash Fiction For Aspiring writers and also a sequel to my last week submission, Blackouts. I hope you had a wonderful read. Credit for inspiration goes to the wonderful writers who had written beautifully for this week’s prompt and whose stories inspired me to whip my writing pen.