Is a “word” just a word?

Is a “word” just a word?


A word is not just a word,
Once said it can’t be withdrawn;
Too often, it burns deep and leaves-
A scar which no one can see.

And those, fibers they become;
Spreading cancerous to the brain;
And she thinks those words must be true;
And believes in all that they prove.

But oh darling, a word’s just a word;
It shouldn’t make you into what they want;
You are perfect not clumsy or worse-
Not a mould formed of words of the world.

A thick skin is very hard to come;
So for now, all I give is my love;
Hold to it and ignore the taunts;
You’re perfect to me, more than words.

Though the words still burnt little holes,
The love spread covered up the burrows;
And though she’s getting there- baby steps,
She knows words can indeed break a soul.
They broke her but love healed the holes.