Flash Fiction: Blackouts

Flash Fiction: Blackouts


“Al-most there”, panted Allison as she made her way across the sandy path. She looked flustered; her dirty blonde hair was unsightly, face muddled with dust, eyes soggy from in-sufficient sleep or too much? She didn’t know which.

Allison had awaken to find herself, lying at the root of a leafless oak tree in broad daylight. She had no idea how she got there or for how long she had been lying there.

After a never-ending divorce battle with her now ex-husband, Allison decided to take a much needed break and rented an old house in the middle of nowhere. Just when things were beginning to look up, the blackouts began again. Allison realized the only explanation for her lying on a cold muddy ground was that her “blackouts” were back.

Panting as she made her way through the path, she noticed a signboard for the guesthouse she was staying- Boldly written was “Willow’s place”. Allison sighed, finally, almost there.

Word count: 160. This post is in response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. You are all welcome to join, all you have to do is follow the link and write a 150-175 word story on a picture prompt (supplied by the host) . I never thought I could write a flash fiction and now, I’m done with week 3 and can’t wait for 4! 😀