A little blue

A little blue


If she could express,
Her thoughts in words;
So the viewers could grasp-
her world;
Express the ache,
In numbers onscreen;
They’d have to be doubled,
To show how she feels;
The world is not blind,
And neither is she;
But numbers can’t justify,
To the screams within;
So she says-
It’s a ten;
But a hundred
Is what she means;
And they think,
It’s just some pain;
While her insides,
Scream within.

What this means is-
when you see
A little girl,
Battling within;
And she says to you-
“I’m just a little blue”;
Then there’s an earthquake,
That’s brewing within;
Don’t ask me how
Just trust I know-
Ain’t nothing like,
A little blue.

7 thoughts on “A little blue

  1. Very beautiful Ameena!! As usual felt it.. So beautifully written.
    Girls pain and emotions are hard to understand until you haven’t been in that situation.
    Lovely… ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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