Writers Quote: Enid Blyton

Writers Quote: Enid Blyton


I am an avid fan of Enid Blyton and once again today, I decided to share a quote from one of her books, Malory Towers. A few days ago, I was reading “Second form at Malory towers” which is the second book in the series, and I came across this quote  said by one of the characters (bonus point if you can guess who 😉 ). And how right the quote is! I always say that the mind is a powerful tool, what we believe is our capability, is what we can accomplish. In order to pursue something wholeheartedly, we have to believe with every bone in our body; and after that, the chances of succeeding we find are pretty high. 

I think the problem arises when we let other people define and determine what we can and cannot do. We unintentionally leave the pen in the hands of others to write down our fate. Having the belief in capabilities despite what others say would help us go a long way, especially when it comes to writing. The odds that the first publisher we submit our writings to wouldn’t be the one to see the creative talent in them, is pretty high. And the chances of being rejected in an unholy manner are even higher – and that’s where belief comes in. 

Once you know what you can do, and believe with  all your might that you can and will accomplish it, then oh my dears- the sky is your limit.

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