Flash Fiction: Once upon a Summer

Flash Fiction: Once upon a Summer


It was only last summer… Bridgette thought, staring into the yard that laid behind their building. Focusing her gaze on the luscious trees that surrounded it, she strained to see if there was a mockingbird. It was said, mockingbirds brought good luck. What she’d give for a bit of luck.

That time last summer, she was having time of her life- sneaking into the tennis yard when her parents weren’t around and disturbing the peace of the neighbors by playing knockouts. But that Summer, her partner in crime, Suzie, was gone. Not in the sense that she’d passed away, but, she was struggling for her life with a 50-50 chance of survival as the doctor bluntly put out.

Bridgette believed in the saying “hope is a thing with feathers” and she sat at the window, hoping against hope that Suzie would defeat all odds. At that moment, she noticed a bird fly past, it was a mockingbird. Bridgette smiled, she knew in heart now without a whiff of doubt, Suzie would make it.

Word count: 172 words. This post is in response to the flash fiction photo prompt hosted by: Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers.

7 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Once upon a Summer

  1. I loved this story Ameena! It was as if the mockingbird was an angel giving her good news! Thank you so much for participating and I really hope you will continue! This past week’s link is getting ready to close and I am getting ready to send out the prompt post for this week’s challenge. Because you have submitted your story right before the link closing, other people probably won’t get a chance to read your story unless they are following you.

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    1. Thank you PJ. I actually had the story set since friday, i guess i forgot to post it. I only just remembered when i was looking for a new post. Thanks for notifying me, will post it as early as i can, next time around.

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  2. Really great story. I loved your quote ” Hope is a thing with feathers” and the reference to the mockingbird. I’m glad her friend Suzie made it.

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