An Ode: (Im)Perfect Drawer

An Ode: (Im)Perfect Drawer


Is that your drawer? they exclaimed-
       And mocked your magnificence, upon first gaze;
               To wrap you up in my arms, I yearned;
And whisper, dear drawer you’re perfect to me.

It’s alright my lady, do not fret;
          I’m made from thick oak, I can handle it;
                 The pleasure I get from the warmth of your clothes-
And treasure you keep in me, make me pleased.

An odd little drawer you are, really;
        Two odd creations, no wonder we fit;
                   Your imperfect borders are what attracted me-
Imperfectly perfect and worth every penny!

I know writing201 poetry is sadly over and  I am a bit late in a few assignments. It’s about time I finish what I start  and so, here is assignment 8: write a poem using the prompt “Drawer” in the style of an “ode” using the poetic device- apostrophe. Oh, and the real drawer is indeed ugly 😀