Love in Four Words

Love in Four Words


was chosen by pricelessJoy to write a post on “What is Love in ten sentences”. And the twist- each sentence must be composed of four words. After a lot of thought and brain racking, all I could come up with was “love is being happy” (and some silly rhymes about pink and pancakes); I decided to go to my trusted friend, google search. Turns out, all I needed was a little inspiration and the words would start flowing. So here they are- my take on “What Is Love”.

Love knows no reasons
          Love knows no lies
Love defies all logic
            Love is not blind
Love isn’t always easy
            Love is being patient
         Respecting each other’s lives
Love defeats all ego
          Love is not proud
Love’s the purest emotion.

And now, I have to share my favorite quote on Love. For someone who is single, I don’t know how I happen to have lots and lots of love quotes. But one of my favorites is a scene from “Grey’s Anatomy” where Meredith Gray says to Derek:

imageNothing is more attractive in my opinion than a woman who knows what she wants, puts all pride and ego aside, and fights for what she wants- we can agree to disagree.

And I know February, the month of love is almost over, but who says we cants spread some love in march too?! especially considering it’s my birth month. So I nominate the following the following wonderful people to pass on the love this march. All you have to do is write in ten sentences, “what is love” and each should be composed of four words. Sum it up with your favorite love quote.

27 thoughts on “Love in Four Words

  1. What a lovely poetry, Ameena!! And must say, challenging too.. Really not easy to write about love, especially for a person like me… 😉
    However, if you have chosen me then I’ll try my level best not to disappoint you 🙂
    Thank you, my dear!!
    And Well done 🙂


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