Acrostic: Butterfly

Acrostic: Butterfly


Break away- oh little one,
Unto the sky, to see the world;
Taste the pollens on rose buds,
Trust in your wings, to take you there;
Embrace the beauty you’ve become,
Rock your wings, unto safe haven;
Follow the path less taken,Β 
Lest you be caught- in a web of sly;
You trust in your wings, you’ll make it.

In response to Writing201 Poetry assignment 3. The prompt is “Truth” written in the form of an “Acrostic” with an internal rhyme.

28 thoughts on “Acrostic: Butterfly

      1. AWW thanks Ameena, I do feel left out as I am reading everyone’s poems, BUT….. not in a bad way! I know the class would be hard for me for I am not a poet and I know it πŸ™‚

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