The Hearts that keep on Loving-

The Hearts that keep on Loving-


They always leave,
Don’t they?
They say they won’t-
Make promises too.

And we believe it,
Don’t we?
Heart and all-
With every cell in our bone.

And we go on,
Being the heart-
That just keeps on loving.

And we weep,
One day-
Cause they’re gone,
long since.

Another one arrives
And we?
But we love-
oh, yet again.

And though times-
have changed;
Some, like us
Are the still the same.

We can’t help,
But keep on loving;
Being the heart-
That just keeps on loving.

It’s clicked to me that there are some people who are what I call ‘lovers’. Despite it all, heart breaks, broken friendships, disheveled families- they still keep on loving. Treating every new friendship or relationship as if they have never been broken. If I am lucky enough that any of these beautiful souls are reading this, then this poem is for you guys- ‘The hearts that just keep on loving

16 thoughts on “The Hearts that keep on Loving-

  1. Beautiful poem and could be a lovely tribute to my friend Amanda who passed away recently. She was a “lover” Had so many discouraging, painful things that people did to her, but she just kept on giving them a chance. Hugs to you my friend and Thank you!

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    1. Awww, i’m so glad this is something for you to relate with. I always wonder how people can keep on loving and loving, but i guess some souls are just beautiful like that. Its good to know you had such a person in your life. 🙂


  2. A beautiful poem Ameena…Yes…there are alot of people like that…they just can’t stop loving..I guess it is inherant in the very human nature…we need to love to live…we need to give away our affections to somebody , most times unconditionally…. Can’t say they are wrong , can’t say they are right !

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    1. All i can say is you are right! 😄 its true though, what’s life without love?! I’m still contemplating it, how a person can just keep on loving like you said ‘unconditionally’, but i guess there are people like that indeed 🙂

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  3. If you think, every human is born to love and to be loved. When you keep on loving unconditionally, love will surely come to you (not the way you’ve expected) in one of the many ways.
    Your words and poems are so true. 🙂

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