A Rural love story

A Rural love story


Staring out the window of the car which was now moving at about 80km/hr, Sara couldn’t help but thank her stars for choosing to take this last minute trip. The road that led to the main town was almost deserted, with one or two cars seen every now and then. It was a highway with sharp bends, another thing that made it different from the western cities, the roads were smooth and devoid of potholes. Probably due to the fact that very few cars traversed the road, Sara thought.

Everything seemed natural. Other than huge baobab trees set apart widely with cluster of shrubs at their roots, the whole area was deserted. Of course there was the occasional thatch tent set in triangular shapes and a few mini-rocks that appeared in rare occasion. sara smiled to herself, soaking in all the naturality.

The rays of the sun were hurting her eyes, but she didn’t care. Putting on her shades would hinder the sight in front of her. It was a low land, and one could see a far-away distance by standing in one spot. Another difference she noted, in the cities, the farthest sight was only a few feet away due the numerous architectural structures and buildings obstructing a straight view. 

They were getting closer to the town now and a few farms cropped up every now and again. They mainly consisted of Ridges and not really formed crops- scarcity of rain. The car stopped. As she began wondering what was going on, Sara looked through the car’s main front. At first, she thought it was one of those ‘village rebels’ whose stories she had heard of that had attacked. But then, the sight she saw removed all doubts.

There was a herd of cattle about twenty of them that were taking their jolly good time in crossing across the road. Behind them, was a boy not more than ten years old. Fair in complexion, and wearing what looked like a blue ‘hoodie’ except that wasn’t cotton but was more of a woven piece. It also extended to his knees and the arms were sleeveless. The top of the hoodie was conical and sat perfectly on the young boy’s head. He had a cane in his hand.

Of course, most of the local inhabitants were nomads. She watched as the young lad efficiently led the cattle across the road to the other side and then, the car began again. Sara was really loving the whole idea of the trip. She positioned herself well with her back resting on the car chair. A strong scent blew across her nose. The only way Sara could accurately describe it was, it was raw- A mixture of dry grasses and clay soil with patches of cattle dung all together made up for a raw odor which could catapults one’s mind with a single whiff.

But she didn’t mind, infact, that was only the beginning of a love story between her and the natural rural town which she previously had no intention of visiting.


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