Let the Light-

Let the Light-


When you can’t feel your legs,
Numb and held in a sweat;
Mini shivers from the head,
Fetal position in bed;
Whispers swirling round and round,
Blurry Vision, fading out;
There was a time, roses bloomed;
Legs were dancing walking moon;
Hands would grasp strawberry juice;
Beds were home to girls in blue;
Mini victories brought on smile,
Friends would always understand.

Dwell in those thoughts for a while;
Fight the darkness with your mind;
Force the joy till it becomes-
Part of you, reflex rebound;
Let the light seep through the thoughts,
Embrace the joy that you’ll become;
There’s only so long night can stay
Before outshone by the sun’s rays.
And though each rose has got a thorn,
Roses are still very much loved.

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