The Blur-

The Blur-


She sees a blur in the mirror-
An image imprecise;
A star fading in the distance;
A girl losing to life.

Not a glimmer in her iris,
Despair now flooding in;
Her frayed heart making noises-
Only the lonely, could decrypt.

And these were the effect of words;
Missiled at her by the world;
Bit by bit they tore her soul;
Blurring out, the star she was.

But to every curse- is a potion,
And that of blur, is love
A word of kindness spoken-
Such effect it has on the stars-
It unravels the blur all around.

21 thoughts on “The Blur-

  1. I love how your poems have a circular pattern that meets in the final lines ” such effect it has on the stars / or unravels the blur all around. Does this comment make sense?

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    1. That’s good. I remember a poem I wrote when I was about 19 when I had my heart broken and I was walking past a fruit shop that had bunches of those white carnations with threads of red in the petals that to me looked like they’d been slashed out of the ground and their petals were bleeding. Cathartic poetry but obviously reflecting a serious level of inner pain. I do get concerned about sensitive poetic souls. I know that pain can get too much at times xx Rowena


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