And I shield up

And I shield up


I am scared of loving you,
And ending up hurt;
Or better worse losing myself-
To your words;
I’m scared you can’t handle,
The baggage I’ve got;
You might be strong but-
I sure have been through worse.

I’m scared of commitment,
Forever’s too long-
To be with one person,
I fear it’ll be too much;
I’m scared of the soul that’s,
Hiding underneath;
The skin that you show me,
And he might be mean.

I’m scared of the path you have-
Chosen for us;
My love for solitude,
Protrudes from your world;
I’m scared of the future,
All thanks to the past;
I’m scared we won’t make it,
And I’ll be hurt bad.

I’m scared I can’t take-
Any more in this heart;
I’m scared of getting bored,
After the first trial;
I’m scared of being stuck,
In a loveless life;
I’m scared of ending up-
A blur in your life;
I’m scared so I shield up-
myself from love.