Save your tears-

Save your tears-


All my life, I keep hearing-
Save your tears;
For what, for who?
When is it ever worth it,
Will it ever be?
How long do I save it,
Till It all comes spilling?
Every bucket has to fill,
Or are my glands infinite?
How cold should I get,
Before I’m thawed?
Should I Stay frozen,
Till eternity comes?

Save your tears-
They keep screaming;
How long should I save it,
Till I lose my sanity?!

So, I lay down and I weep;
I cry with a little scream;
Now I know it’s not cause I’m weak;
Tears are a sign of strength within;
‘Save your tears’ –
they keep screaming;
Do they know that even-
The sky sometimes weep?

21 thoughts on “Save your tears-

  1. So very true… Tears are the sign of strength. If you ask me then I would say-
    Never hold your tears,
    You never will.
    Let it go, let it flow,
    It’s your strength,
    Let it glow, let it grow.

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  2. Everyone needs a good cry once in awhile or more. I think you feel so much better after you cry instead of holding it all in. Keep writing your beautiful poems.

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