She Was; She is-

She Was; She is-


She was a dreamer, a screamer;
A liver, a lover;
Naive in a bubble;
Steam off a cooker-
She was a smart ass, a talker;
A singer, a fighter;    
A cryer, dramatic;
Rude and annoying-
She was a little girl with siblings;
In trouble, too often;
Funny and loving;
Through childhood, always running.

She was a dreamer, with less voice;
A liver, not loving;
Innocence now fading;
An ice she’s becoming-
She was a smart ass, deluded
With dreams, lightly rooted;
Religion, a burden;
A flower, not blooming.

She is a dreamer, a liver;
On water, a surfer;
Surviving the high waves;
Atop all the rocking-
She is a smart ass, a talker;
A fighter, with calm words;
Religion, her solace;
A flower, now blooming;
A little girl, who’s made it.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge: “Ice, Water, Steam.”

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