When I was sixteen…

When I was sixteen…


When I was sixteen, I wrote this poem πŸ˜€

How did I get here?
To the point of no return;
Where everything’s so gloomy and doomed,
With paths yet to be formed.

Without even a ray of light,
I feel so forlorn;
My hearts become as cold as Ice-
My soul, withering inside.

Glaring up at the sky at night,
Expecting to see stars;
But things are as dark as can be,
Silence being the ultimate sound.

No really, how did I get here?
I ask myself again;
Recalling all those times I spent,
In warmth and happiness.

I’ve got to let go of these ropes,
That keep holding me back;
Then run as fast as my legs can-
Far away, from this damn.

Then maybe if I get lucky,
I’ll find that beam of light;
My heart would melt but be intact-
My soul would come alive.

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