I Flogged you Because…

I Flogged you Because…


“Ameena Garba, come here”, the teacher called me. I left my two friends M and K at the back of the class where I was seating and went to meet the teacher. She was an older woman who wore round glasses and whose son was also in the same class with me. The teacher was sitting at her desk with my notebook in front of Her and a chubby long cane lying on her desk. She knew it was my birthday, oh she knew it was my birthday but it didn’t stop her. The next thing I knew, my palms were outstretched in front of me and three strokes of cane were slapped onto it.

As a kid, I was notorious for noise making which in my defense is basically making conversation with words that when spoken sound too loud for a classroom. I was a talkative, I was restless and I was a whole lot of other things which for the sake of my now adult dignity I wouldn’t repeat. And so, If the teacher would have flogged me for any of that, it would have been a bit justified. Heck, if she would have flogged me for failing my maths class work, and that was a low probability because I was good at it, it would have still been justified.

But no, after flogging me, I was handed back my book and told it was because my handwriting was bad. I received three strokes of cane, on my eight birthday, in front of the whole class because I had bad handwriting. I went back to my seat with tears in my eyes and sought the comfort of my two Bffs. I received comfort and sorry looks from the other classmates as well, even though I think it’s because they wanted me to share my birthday goodies with them.

A few minutes passed, and I was called up once again by the same teacher who flogged me to take a share of the birthday goodies to the headmistress of the school. I clearly remember the teacher telling me that if the head mistress asks me why I was crying, I should tell her it was because I had bad handwriting hence I was flogged. Which now, If I was a headmistress would find it absurd. But that was the way it was back then.

That day I learnt a few things:
1) It doesn’t matter if bad handwriting is genetically inherited, some teachers would still blame you for it (that wasn’t the last time) and you might even get flogged for it;
2) Even If a Nigerian teacher flogs you black and white, they will still eat your birthday goodies without any shame.
3) Birthdays are meant to be awesome, but they are not in my case and that was only the beginning.

And that’s the story of my Life. Also, no hard feelings towards the teacher, I actually find it funny now when I think about it. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

13 thoughts on “I Flogged you Because…

  1. Haha, I was rarely got flogged back in primary school, but when I do, the teacher always regrets, cos he will end up spending his money to take back the tears, oh this post brought back those memories…

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  2. I use to get low marks in handwriting too. Thankfully I was never flogged for it. In the second grade I got a whipping for not seeing the teacher on lunch duty motioning me to sit down (I was trying to get my best friend’s attention). So she grabbed me by my arm and took me to my teacher who whipped me. (In the back of the class). For the entire afternoon I laid my head on my desk, arms over my head, and cried. A few weeks later, after an eye test at school, it was discovered I needed glasses. As far as I’m concerned, your teacher had no right to flog you for poor handwriting or for anything else for that matter.

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  3. Aww I remember watching Little House on the Prairie and hating it when Laura got flogged. Now you are telling re in real life that you got it too and on your birthday even! Glad you had friends to comfort you, friends are great and even gladder that you made a happy ending out of this! πŸ™‚ Saying how you bear the teacher no hard feelings. Yup, holding onto bitterness does no good, but I do hope that getting a flogging wasn’t a regular thing for you!


    1. I think having friends is one of the best gifts, they help make things easier. That definitely wasn’t the last time, and sadly, you kind of get used to it, it doesn’t hurt much anymore. But, Thank God school’s over πŸ˜€


  4. You have heart of gold – no hard feelings.

    No surprises that I got plenty of flogging, always at school and rarely at home. And for similar offence as yours – noise making, what was I supposed to do when teachers not in class?

    However, upon all I can never forget about my one time school principal, she was a devil – she hated school children and did not hide it. I once thought she wanted to kill or paralyse us all, no kidding. The flogging is right on the spine. I can still feel the pain as I type and it’s been 17 years! Every one is terrified of this woman, even the teachers except she can’t flog them.

    Thinking about it, won’t be surprised if she had some sort of mental breakdown and taking it on us, her students.

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    1. Oh my God, that is downright wicked. I wouldn’t be surprised too, but it still doesn’t not justify even in the Slightest bit the flogging. I don’t know why people that hate children or teaching for that matter should be made as teachers. They just end up pouring their anger on the students.

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