Quote: Demi Lovato

Quote: Demi Lovato


I came across this quote while reading the book “Staying Strong: 365 days a year” by Demi Lovato. It is an inspirational and motivational book with 365 chapters, so you get one quote per day everyday for a whole year. I decided to pick this quote for this week’s writers challenge because every once in a while we all need a reminder that we can do it. Just because we are “not-so-good” in writing fiction doesn’t mean we can’t be writers, No. We all have the potential in us, we only need to figure out what we’re best at and the world would be our oyster. For some, this might be non-fiction, or poetry, or comedy sketches. But there is something you have the potential to be great at.

And of course, for some people, it doesn’t come overnight. We don’t just wake up and say, you know what, my zone is short stories writing. For some of us, it takes practice and trials to figure it out. And it’s not all the time that the piece we are writing comes out exactly the way we want it to. Trust me, when I read some of my old poems I’m like, what was I thinking?! But, the important thing is to realize even if we aren’t great at a particular “something”, we have the potential of being even greater at a whole other thing as long as we don’t give up and we keep pushing. And please, do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

So, that’s it! My writer’s quote Wednesday challenge. For more inspiring quotes, head over to SilverThreading where this event is being hosted


Till next time … And have a lovely week ❤

12 thoughts on “Quote: Demi Lovato

  1. I personally think that if you have a love for writing then you should write! I know that I pull back most of the time from writing because I feel like my writing is so bad. But you know what? It is okay to be bad. I will get better if I just keep writing! Don’t ever stop writing Kay because you are an excellent writer!

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    1. I know, me too. It’s true what they say, we are our greatest critics. Thank you Joy for such compliment, even though I don’t believe I’m yet, but I’ll get there. And your writing, is already great Joy 🙂

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