And She Wrote-

And She Wrote-


It was one of those blue days,
Where dawn preceded with tears;
And there was little the Rays of sun,
Could do to erase her fears;
And down and down they streamed-
Across a sullen pale dark skin-
And they dripped so hot,
Like the burn in her chest;
So she picked up a pen,
Yeah amidst the tears;
And was tempted to poke,
At the wrist yet again;
But a paper piece gleamed,
And she took it instead;
And she wrote and she cried,
Kept on writing amidst the cries;
And the paper- got filled
With the sun- at its peak
And she looked to the streaming
Rays, now flooding in;
Not a smile, but not a tear
Just relief from unburdening;
And a resolve, grew deeply
To write every now and then;
And write the time away she did-
And write the pain away she did-


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