Infinity in a Minute…

Infinity in a Minute…


I want more time to write,
To sit;
Think, stare, ponder
Embrace nature, revel
In it’s beauty;
Write it all down,
My thoughts in words;
Style and rhythm,
That I love.

To read and revise,
Read some more;
I want more time,
For literature.

But then again,
I look to the trees;
Leaves swaying,
Freely In glee;
Pollens rising,
To the wind’s rhythm;
Unaware of the yearning,
The “more”, my greed.

The edges of my lips,
Upward they crease;
Realizing the moment,
That I’m living in;
The passion within me,
I’m grateful to thee;
For this little infinity,
Within a minute:
It’s more than most realize
They need.

In the dance of the pollens,
A lesson I learnt;
What I have now,
Is all that I need;
A minute for poetry,
Is enough for me-