NO simply means Next Option

NO simply means Next Option


For this week’s inspiration, I found this quote that was written by a friend of mine, Aminah Ojetola. This is a first for me, hearing the word ‘NO’ used in such way and it inspired me. We as writers, hear Nos’ a lot of times- whether it’s a story that gets rejected or a poem that wasn’t selected. Even this week, I submitted a poem which didn’t get short listed. And that was when I saw this quote, at a time when I needed it. I hope this inspires you all as much it has me. And remember the next time you hear the word No, it simply means “on to the Next Option”. 

Hopefully this time, I’m not the last to submit in my writer’s quote 😉 .

Sticks & stones

If you’d like to participate in Writer’s quote Wednesday or would love to read more inspirational quotes, then head over to Silver threading where she is hosting this event.


9 thoughts on “NO simply means Next Option

  1. Thank you. I love this saying and the “NO” is great = next option. This surely tells us that we must and can go on. Just because we hear NO doesn’t mean that is the end. It is a series of events leading us to our ultimate goal. Well done! ❤


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