What poetry Means to Me.

What poetry Means to Me.


He asked what it means to me
But I Couldn’t put in words
How can I describe so vaguely-
Poetry with all it’s grandeur

It’s the air that I breathe in-
In the pulse of my beat;
The sound of my wheeze-
The sight of the sun at its peak.

Don’t ask me to define poetry-
I can’t explain it;
It’s the essence of my being-
Every part of me… It’s ME.

10 thoughts on “What poetry Means to Me.

  1. I love this. My ex, when I told him I write a lot and dabble with poetry, told me he never understood it and thought it was weird and depressing. This poem is perfect in explaining how unexplainable it is to define what poetry means to people. Loved it!


    1. Thank you!! I know so many people who don’t get poetry too. And it’s funny cause I don’t understand how they don’t get poetry too πŸ˜€ haha. Poetry is unexplainable, and I really appreciate the comment.

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