Nobody knows…

Nobody knows…


Nobody knows,
The pain a soul can carry;
It’s not measured, can’t be-
We just trudge forth, dragging.

Nobody knows, it’s bottled inside;
Even if they do, they won’t understand;
The cries of the heart,
The sorrow it hides-
It gets heavy, nobody knows;
We get weary, they still don’t know;

It hurts…it bleeds
The heart weakens-
Still nobody knows.

They couldn’t, could they?
In silence, we bear the pain;
we think they won’t understand,
‘We think’- our tragic flaw.
In the end, still… Nobody knows
We leave believing- nobody can.

7 thoughts on “Nobody knows…

  1. hugs! Really like this! Especially the last lines about We think, our tragic flaw… Its so true, we think that people won’t understand and so we hide. But….there usually is someone out there that would understand…

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    1. Thank you Joy. I was a doubtful people will get the message but you all do :). Someone, somewhere understands what are we are going through but we tend to forget that. I tend to forget that. *hug recieved*


  2. Wow….this is just too accurate,….there is always someone who understands,we just have to reach out!!! which is the hardest part


  3. I love this! Great work! I can relate to this. When thinking nobody knows, sometimes we assume nobody cares, when like others said, there is always someone who understands and sometimes they’re someone we wouldn’t expect


    1. Thanks Andy. Exactly! It’s our hamartia, we assume people wouldn’t get it and maybe it’s true. but the Right person would surely understand, they are just waiting for us to reach out.

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  4. Great piece!
    Yes, I’ve learnt that some people do understand and do relate, often times their struggles/challenges are different but whatever it was consume their mind as much as mine – that part we have in common so make my ramblings relatable, I suppose.


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