AGOS: Life without Summer

AGOS: Life without Summer

Here’s the 3rd part to A Glimpse Of Summer (AGOS). The 1st and 2nd parts are linked. For this part I used pure narrative with minimal dialogue and descriptions. Although I apologize for the lack of descriptions, it’s been a tough week (no excuses still), so I promise to be back in full gear for the next part.

The day summer left, everything changed. The weather forecast could have been windy with a turbulent storm approaching because that was the atmosphere when the news broke out. Life was never the same for either one of us. I thought I had it bad, but seeing Sam break down when I told him- it crushed me. For a moment there, I was glad summer wasn’t around to see him in that state.

We never talked about it- I and Sam, about why Summer left. I was scared of the question and he, the answer. I think Sam knew he was the reason for Summer’s leaving. It was just too coincidental that when he got married she decided to go AWOL. In a way, I was relieved he never brought the topic up.

Each day, I awoke to check the mailbox, hoping against hope I’d see a message from Summer. Days, months passed by and all I got- nothing. With Sam, the question was the same.
“Any news from Summer”, he’d ask

“Not yet”

“Maybe tomorrow”, he’d reply reassuringly

“Maybe”, I’d answer back with a lot of doubt.

A few months passed by; we never fully got used to life without Summer but we still made do. Things were looking good for Sam- His wife, Julie, was a rock. I understood why Summer couldn’t tell him how she truly felt. Just one look at Sam and Julie was enough for anyone to know Julie truly loved him. And then, she got pregnant. With not one child, but Twins. I was happy for Sam and I knew Summer would have been too. But me, I was lost without Summer.

It had always been the two of us right from the start- Summer and Kit. Through the teen years, the heartbreaks, the deaths, the ups and downs of life, we had each other. I was supposed to take care of Sam, but instead he ended up being the one to take care of me. I would never forget, how his friendship helped me pull through and figure things out.

A little over a year from Summer’s leave, things were looking really bright. Remembrance of Summer still brought a little tear to my eyes but it didn’t hurt as much anymore. Julie had a few weeks left to her due date but the twins were growing too big and a Caesarean section had to be performed.

The day of the C-Section arrived and I, Sam and Julie made our way to the hospital. Julie had been diagnosed previously with Pre-eclampsia, which is a pregnancy induced hypertension. It put her and the babies at a huge risk. Despite the doctor’s reassurance that everything would be okay, we were nervous.

A few hours passes by, the bulb of the operation room went off and the doctor In his green scrubs came out. Walking steadily towards us, one look at his face and I knew something was wrong. Even though he had done it a lot of times and could mask his expression, there was a hint of gloom in his posture. The sloped shoulders and counted footsteps were a sure sign for disaster. Bad news was inevitable, the question was, how bad was the news he was about to break.

To find out, watch out for this space next Tuesday 28- October. Hope you had a nice read. As always, comments and feedback are comments and feedback are appreciated.

3 thoughts on “AGOS: Life without Summer

  1. Somehow I missed this last week, so sorry! Now tho I don’t have to be in suspense long for I have part 4 to read already 🙂 I think you did a good job, just some grammatical errors. I liked your opening lines about the turbulent storm approaching, good description


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