A Glimpse Of Summer 2

A Glimpse Of Summer 2

Here’s the second part of my fiction piece ‘a glimpse of Summer’. You can read the part 1 here. Hope you enjoy it, I tried to make sure it wasn’t too long.

The wedding day came and my God, it was perfect. Summer was a perfectionist and even though I knew that, the sight of the hall still amazed me.

Emerald green and gold curtains draped the formerly bare white walls; the floor was littered with cream and and rose flower petals. Each table had a centerpiece filled with wild roses and two scented candles on each side. But my favorite was the three tiered cake that stood on one side of the royal couple’s chair.

The bottom layer of the cake was decorated with green frizzy petals made from icing. The middle layer was plain gold and the top layer- it was emerald green with mini doves and butterflies scattered on the sides.

As both I and Summer Walked through the hall, inspecting it for the last time before the time for the I do’s arrived, she spoke. Reaffirming what she had told me previously which I brushed off.

“I’m leaving” she blurted, without as much as a glance at me. Her gaze was directed towards the floor.

It wasn’t the first time I was hearing it, but there was something in the tone of her voice when she said it; it was said with determination. I had known Summer all my life and I knew when she meant her speeches; and that time, she did.

We both sat at the altar, encapsulated in silence; staring at our feet and wondering how we’d survive without each other.

“I can’t take it… I thought I could handle it but I can’t”, she said, her voice breaking.

“Why don’t you just tell him?” I almost screamed

“I can’t”

And I knew she was right.

“I’m sorry. But you don’t have to leave you know “, I said. Her head was resting on my shoulder and my cheeks were wet with tears.

“Have you told Sam yet?”

Another bout of silence swept us. I knew the answer, she wasn’t going to tell him.

I and Summer had been best-friends for as long as I can remember, but what went on inside her head- I still couldn’t fully decipher.

“But what about your job?” I managed to ask.

“I’ve talked to my boss, it’s all sorted out.”

“When are you leaving?” 

“Later”, she said briefly.

I broke down. The tears just kept dripping down and I didn’t have the strength to stop them.

“Heyyy, I’m the one leaving remember. I should be crying not you”, she joked, raising her head up and giving me a light punch.
I wiped my tears. She was always the strong one; I was more of an emotional character. My God, I couldn’t survive without her I thought. But I knew I had to be strong for her and Sam.

“You know, he’d have an attack when he finds out”

” I know, and that’s why you’re here. To pick him up when I’m not around.” She replied. “We’ll make it” 

“Sticks and stones, right”. I answered; I had finally gotten a grip over myself.

The time for the wedding arrived. Sam was getting married to his true love and Summer stood by him at the altar. I dos were spoken, rings were exchanged, music was blaring, the whole crowd was gay.

Summer seemed so happy that no one would have guessed that would be the last we’d see of her. Amidst all the excitement and chaos, she sneaked out of the hall. I had my eyes on her through out the wedding, but we had already decided, no goodbyes. And so I let her go.

Summer got into the car that had been waiting for her outside the hall and just like that…. My Summer was gone with the wind.

Want to know what’s going to happen to summer? Would she change her mind and come back? How would Sam react to Summer leaving? Would it affect Sam’s recent marriage? Then watch out for Part 3 next Tuesday 21,October. Feedbacks and comments are highly appreciated. Hope you had a good read.

9 thoughts on “A Glimpse Of Summer 2

  1. enjoyed this very much! Great description of the cake! Love about the doves and the emerald green color, I could picture its beauty. I feel the tug of emotions between Summer and her best friend too, great job! Will tune in next Tuesday 🙂

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