When All Odds Fail…

When All Odds Fail…


Forgive me dear Lord,
For I have sinned;
Mistook your guidance
And fell in too deep;
Went with my wrong judgement
Now I clearly see-
You kept me away
For my own benefit…
Was too stubborn to see.

Now, my head laid down
I call out to thee-
Please hear my Cries
And help me free;
This world is too much,
For the soul underneath-
Help me see light,
Send me please calmth;
Thank you my lord-
For not forsaking me.

3 thoughts on “When All Odds Fail…

  1. The lite is something that I have learn to trust, to rely on, believe in. It has taught me so much that life hasn’t. To is before you make a decision isn’t easy but with time, experience,exposure it will all work. I

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