Part 1: A Glimpse Of Summer

Part 1: A Glimpse Of Summer

                     Twitter guy- that’s what she liked to call him.
Summer and Twitter guy first had contact in April through a surprising source, poetry blog. I know! They clicked over poetry. Exchange of Twitter Ids took place soon, and in a short while they were tight twitter buddies. The beauty about their relationship or rather friendship was that, right from the start- it was nothing romantic. It was, as they say, purely a poetic instinct that led them to such a budding friendship.

Summer and Samuel became such tight friends that I, as Her female best friend had to constantly remind them that I am still in the picture.
Now that you’ve heard about me, my name is Kit, I am summer’s best friend and this is my version of their story:-

Sam was a perfect gentleman though a little bit of a dreamer and summer was an all out rock star with a huge savings account; all thanks to a dead aunt. Complete opposites that surprisingly clicked. Sam meant the second best thing to Summer, well of course the first is moi!

They were each other’s rock through the roller coaster called college and the travails that came with it. Most of which were unexpected. Sam was the one who broke the news to summer that summer’s mum had stage IV cancer. Summer’s mum knew the news would break summer and so couldn’t bring herself to tell her; Sam ended up being the messenger. And together, we stuck to her through what was the worst phase of her life- summer’s mum didn’t survive long after the diagnosis.

As Sam was also an orphan, when he finally decided to get engaged to his long time girlfriend, Julie. Summer went above and beyond to make sure everything was perfect, exactly the way his mother would have wanted it to be. Another thing they had in common- Sentiments to motherhood.

Summer was a shell, hard on the outside yet fragile within. But Sam, he was one of those guys that kind of let things roll off their backs; he didn’t take minor details too seriously. And that, was his biggest mistake.

College over- sam’s wedding was drawing near and summer was, as always, doing her ultimate to make the event a blast and at the same time driving me nuts with wedding details. She was the one to stand beside Sam as his best man after a lot of persuasion from him. Summer was basically motherzilla but deep down, i knew she was breaking, one piece at a time. I didn’t know for how long she could endure.

Summer realized she was in love with Sam – I don’t know what happened, or what snapped to made her finally understand the feeling but she did. This was before the planning had taken much shape. I told her it wasn’t too late but there was something she said that made me rethink:
” have you seen the way they look at each other, even when no one’s watching”
“Would you want to be the cause for the end of such happiness”.

I knew I wouldn’t and neither would she- Selflessness was our damn.

This is the first part of a short fiction series I’m writing. I hope you like it. Comments and feedback  are highly appreciated. Stay tuned for part two 😉

15 thoughts on “Part 1: A Glimpse Of Summer

      1. I thought it was written very well. I don’t usually waste my time on something that doesn’t grab my attention. I’ve passed on poetry much shorter than what you wrote because I didn’t have a clue what I was reading. Keep it up. =)

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  1. I think you have a good idea here and do want to see more! Just to let you know that when you are talking about Sam’s mother having cancer I believe you meant to say his Mom. At first I thought you were talking about Summer for it said her Mom and the worst phase of her life. Then I got confused when I saw that Sam was a orphan, so I went back to re-read 🙂 Easy mistake to make. Hope you don’t mind me pointing it out.


    1. Absolutely,I appreciate all kinds of feedback. And thank you so much for notifying me. Actually it’s Summer’s mum that had cancer and Sam was an orphan way long before he met summer- I have edited it a bit, I hope it’s understandable now. 😉


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