GONE GIRL: Throw me something better, I dare ya!

GONE GIRL: Throw me something better, I dare ya!


I have the bad habit of reading a book summary rather than going full on to read a book. Of course I have my reasons (Which might not be rational), but anyway- I hate Romance. Yup, I know hate is a big word and I dislike to use it, but in the case of romance, it is necessary. Btw, no offense to romance novel readers. I don’t know, some say it’s a phase (I doubt it) but for the time being, I still can’t stand romance books. I don’t like sci-if or post apocalyptic novels and I don’t like melodramas. Oh, I might also add that I don’t like to read books over a certain number of pages. I’m not one for gigantic novels.

Now, all that said; I have been hearing of a film called ‘Gone girl’. Everyone’s talking about it (on the net, they are) and it’s a novel adaptation. As experience has taught me, I went straight for the bulls horn and checked out the novel. Well, not technically. Basically, I googled ‘Gone girl’ and opened the link that directed me to Wikipedia. I read the summary and my God I was Stunned. I know it’s just a summary but that was one heck of a summary. I mean, it was good! Some may say, well it’s not the full book. But really it’s like this- If a movie trailer is bad, then very few people would watch it, personally I wouldn’t. Same goes for a book.

I love thrillers and Gone Girl, it encompasses everything, from thriller to suspense to a dead-awesome ending. It shows two sides of a story, which I find really appealing.
And at this moment, I feel bad about my writing skills because Gillian Flynn- she has re-written the standards to writing. Now, my new goal is- if I can write at least as good as Gillian Flynn in gone girl, then I’ve made it.

12 thoughts on “GONE GIRL: Throw me something better, I dare ya!

  1. I read the book a few months ago when I saw it on NYT bestseller list. I’m not usually into suspense books (because I’ll just flip to the end–can’t help it), but this one was well done. The only thing for me was that I felt like she used too many stereotypes. Many say she’s playing off of them to twist them around, but by the end I felt like it went a little overboard in that arena. All in all, a good read though. I look fwd to reading more from your blog!


    1. I am actually a suspense Lover so it’s right up my alley. But I see what you mean about it being a little too much. And Thank you for the comment. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m looking forward to sharing more

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