My Picasso

My Picasso

I see Picasso
I see your face
That was the first you wrote
As your twitter name;
It’s been a year
And 6 months to be precise
Since you set this heart ablaze
Then slowly faded away

But oh my Picasso
I still see your face
I remember the words
Which made me sway
My heart beats a little faster
When I see the name-
Picasso written
Across any page

It takes me to a time
When I weaved us dreams
I alone in my bubble
Believed you were my prince
You owe me no deeds
I was just a silly teen
But that name Picasso
Is forever imprinted in my being

5 thoughts on “My Picasso

  1. Wow. I can identify with this one. There’s a saying I like: “I think I fall in love a little bit with anyone who shows me their soul.” That has happened to me a couple times on wordpress, especially as I get to know the author.


    1. I know right. It’s like you feel a connection, they don’t but you do. I guess falling doesn’t really need an invitation, we just fall. And thanks 😉


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